Mongrel loves money. Mongrel loves personal finance. Mongrel tells baby mongrel all about the wonders of compound interest because MongrelPunt doesn’t want to hear it anymore. Mongrel is 30something, and has a long way to go to FIRE.

MongrelPunt loves football. And basketball. He doesn’t care much for personal finance, though he does like hearing about the ridiculous penny stocks that Mongrel buys into.

We live in Australia. It’s just the three of us, in a little townhouse in a pretty nondescript suburb. Combined, we make the average wage (both of us on five figures) but we don’t want for much.

This blog provides me with an outlet to talk about what I am learning, again and again without boring MongrelPunt to death.

I am not a financial advisor. I am not a finance professional. Always, always, always do your own research and seek professional financial advice rather than relying on blogs.